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Writing in the Rain

Rain Child

Happy Day, blog-snog pals!

Oh, how I lurve winter. It's time to huddle at my desk and write. For hours ...

The moody grey sky is perfect for my state of mind as I work on my tween thriller, SABOTEUR, set deep in the dark Cascade Mountains.
The atmosphere is all so conducive to survival - cold, damp, bone chilling conditions which, in my story, makes Gan, Jude and Tilly's fight to stay alive
desperate, while something much colder awaits them below the mountain.

I've got goosebumps.

And outside my window, right beside my desk, is the rain. Rain patters almost constantly.                                                            

Though it doesn't sound as comforting as it did when I ws a kid, living in a house with a corrugated iron roof that carried the soft drumming sound, it still soothes.

I know you're curious why I grew up in a place with a corrugated iron roof - which is a lot like living in a tin can - and the answer is because I grew up in New Zealand. In the days when everyone had a corrugated iron roof (usually painted red) ... and yikers, did it rain.

Corrugated iron roof A thoroughly cozy drenching went on while I listened, snug inside, feeling as if it was trying to beat its way in.
In daylight, I'd put on my dad's bright yellow wet-weather gear and walk around, invigorated by the ping of raindrops against the hard plastic while my skin stayed dry. I love being dry - and I guess that's why I LURVE to defy the rain. It couldn't get me in my dad's big raincoat and it can't get me while I'm at my desk. Writing.

And after it stops? I go out on a mission. I save the poor worms who have been driven out of the earth by all that water.

It's the least I can do.

Life is good even in the winter, my blogee snogees! Enjoy the day.

Pippa (from the Great Pacific North Wet)
Tags: mg suspense novel, rain

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