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Today I'm dashing by to mention two writing resources that have fired up my inspiration and motivation (two very good things for a writer to have! Yessims):

Write On Con which is invaluable. In-val-u-able.

This is an annual online event so don't slack around (like I did) and miss it. Luckily (for me) you can go to their site - follow my link - and read all the great interviews, watch presentations and look at a ton - a TON - of extremely super oooper information AFTER it's all over. But there's nothing like being there while it's happening.

I think I'm safe predicting it will be running in August 2013, but get on their mailing list pronto so you don't miss the online workshops, PitchFest, or any of the brillo events the Write On Con team come up with.

Next, I'm going to do a little promo for another Kindle must-have (remember Alexandra Sokoloff's  Screenwriting Tricks for Authors that I did a teeny tiny rave about in a previous entry?) Today's gem of delight is Kindle's, Write Good or Die edited by Scott Nicholson with many brillo contributors. Lots of laughs and sound advice. A winning combination for sure. The only suckage is that it's not in print as far as I can find.

Write Good or Die

And you do know about MG Lit Chat over at Blogspot, right, right? Join in every Thursday evening 9pm ET, 6pm PT, on Tweetchat and be part of the discussion. Be aware it moves fast but it's pure awesomeness to connect real-time with other mad, I mean gifted, writers of middle grade fiction and lurkers. They post a transcript on their blog - follow my link - so you never have to miss out on the goss.

Toodles for this week!

Oh, and please visit one of my absolute besties, Kym Brunner here on LiveJournal or on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you can find her and congratulate her - she deserves it.

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