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Blog Snog #9 - yes, I know the count is higher but humor me

Happy Friday. Sorry I didn't post on Wed or Thurs but stuff happens even in my small and sluggish life, so, today it's Friday - and here I am with more Blogs to Snog!

Alexandra Sokoloff's Bk The first Snogee is most worthy and I highly, as in Himalayan highly, recommend you get her stuff. I've been enthused by her work, a gem of inspiration - Screenwriting Tricks for Authors - and can't thank her enough for her fabulous blog.

She is Alexandra Sokoloff at The Dark Salon Toot! She's brill and her blog post on July 24, 2012, Writing YA - Themes is amazing.

Click on the link and you won't be sorry, no siree (and I'm shaking my head vigorously, rattling my brain numb so you know I'm not fibbing.)

My next two snogs are for you if you like author interviews and book reviews.

Shannon Hitchcock  First up is Shannon Hitchcock's blog Shannon and The Sunshine Band
  Don't let the name throw you - it's not about KC or old disco tunes, but full of great book reviews of   wonderful books that you may not have heard of but will be really (really) glad you found. My link should take you to her post about Ruta Sepetys' highly acclaimed 'Between Shades of Gray' - which I hope you have heard of.

 Shannon's debut novel 'The Ballad of Jessie Pearl' will be out in the winter of 2013.

NEXT, I give you Christine Henderson at The Write Chris Chris & Books photo- On Writing, which is where she blogs "... interviews with writers who show what they've learned in their successes to encourage you to press on. I will also share my experiences with writing and researching -- as well as successes and failures."

That's me snogged-out for the day. I'm already excited about next weeks' snogees so see you on Thursday, Aug 2nd!


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